I am new to UFT and am having difficulty in getting the data from an field. The scenario I am running enters data in a form and when the apply button is clicked, it will create a new medical record number. I want to run thru a data sheet , getting the data from the spread sheet and then capture all the new MRN. I know how to create an excel spreadsheet and add these new MRNs to it once I have the values but I cannot access the object to get the values.

I did a view source and this is what I found for the object:
<TD><DIV CLASS="fvEIForm"><INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="EID" VALUE="0010024649">0010024649</DIV></TD>

But when I go into object repository and click on the Add Objects to Local, it creates a webelement that seems to be hardcoded with the 0010024649 as the innertext as well as the name. I know I can change the name to MRN but when I try to get the value in the next run (when it creates another new medical record number), it can't find it as it's innertext still has the original MRN and then I get an error.

Since I'm new to this, maybe I'm doing this all wrong. I've tried to use Object Spy as well but I can't get that to work either as it seems to have the same issue.

Does anyone have any suggestions they can give me?