Hi All,

I am new to QTP.

Currently I am automating a WPF application using with the UFT.
Here I am getting an issue to get the sub menu item names.

below is my code:

Dim cnt, n, iPath

cnt = WpfWindow("MainWindow").WpfMenu("WpfMenu").GetItem Property("Actions", "SubMenuCount")
For n = 1 To cnt
iPath = WpfWindow("MainWindow").WpfMenu("WpfMenu").BuildMe nuPath(itemPath, n)
msgbox WpfWindow("MainWindow").WpfMenu("WpfMenu").GetItem Property(iPath, "Label")

after running the above code I am getting blank submenu names
if I use same code for normal windows applications like Notepad or Calc its displaying all the submenu names.

Please help me in getting the submenu names for the WPF Application.


Shankar L