I got stuck in a wierd situation

I am able to highlight the expected oracle form window correctly, but when I try to close the specific object using QTP,

QTP results shows close operation is done, but the actual form is not closed.

Desktop.ChildObjects is returning 'Load Products' window with regexpwndclass property value ui60MDIroot_W32.

'Load Products' window has 2 child windows (one product with different versions) and I should close the first window (i.e with version 1 ) but QTP is failing to run the 'close' operation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


If oParent(x).GetROProperty("text")= "Load Products" Then
Set oChild = oParent(x).ChildObjects(oDesc)
For y = 0 to oChild.Count - 1
blnChld=oChild(y).GetROProperty("is child window")
blnMDI= oChild(y).GetROProperty("ismdichildwindow")
If blnChld and blnMDI Then
If Trim(Ucase( strTitle))=Trim(Ucase("Product : xxx")) Then
End If
End If
End If