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    Question HP UFT Evaluation licensing - EON - Entitlement Order Number?

    On License key delivery service:-

    After sign-in,for HP UFT Evaluation licensing - EON - Entitlement Order Number is asked first? Where can I find it?

    I'd tried order number on software download mail order and downloaded it.

    Let me know if anybody tried to get evaluation licenses 30-day.

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    Install license window still appearing

    Thanks Tarun for swift reply.

    Yes, actually download order says so too, but while launching it - window popups with "license not installed" with "Install license" and "exit" button.However going through install license(whether you want to install new one) and choosing seat license it says go to site and suppy locking code[displayed there] there to get a key.

    If we choose whether you want to install new one - no then it goes to finish, but again launching UFT had same message of license not install.

    Whether we need to choose any other option or any other setting?
    Kind regards,
    Anand Tambey

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