Hi everyone, 1st post

My specs:

QTP ver: 10.00
Addins Loaded: .NET, Web, WPF

Problem Details:

So i'm trying to perform a click on a WinButton contained in a popup window of the application.
In the Object Repository, when clicking "highlight in application" the button highlights and everything seems to be identified properly.
The problem is on run time. The button simply seems unidentified and so an error is thrown.

Additionally, in the local Object Repository, there seems to be multiple "instances" of this button, one for each recording. Each instance of this button is named differently as such: "OK", "OK_1" , "OK_2",... etc

Solutions I have tried:

- Rebuilding the repository using the Navigate and Learn feature.
- Changing Test object details in the repository (adding objectclass, etc)
- Modifying Object Identification properties for WinButton (Including Smart Identification)

The code:

			Window("WinName").Dialog("#32770").Dialog("#32770").WinComboBox("Please enter your comment:").Select "Artifact"
			Window("WinName").Dialog("#32770").Dialog("#32770").WinEditor("Additional comment:").SetCaretPos 0,0
			Window("WinName").Dialog("#32770").Dialog("#32770").WinEditor("Additional comment:").Type "Check 1 2"
Notes: The WinComboBox and WinEditor contained in the same window are identified properly during the run. For some reason only the button is an issue.

Thanks in advance!