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    .NET objects are getting idenfied as WinObject with QTP 10

    Dear All,

    I am facing an issue for .NET application where objects are identified as ‘WinObject’ I have QTP 10 on system. Some system configuration information is mention below

    1. 32 bit OS XP
    2. MS- Office 2003 Sp2
    3. .net 2.0 sp2, 3.0 sp2 and 3.5 sp1
    4. Oracle 11g client.

    Can you please help me to understand the issue?

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    Hi sachin,
    What addins have you used while opening the QTP and by any chance have you checked with the DEV team in which technology the appl is built.

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    Hi sachin,

    please, start QTP as first and then your .NET app.

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    Yes I tried that option but no luck

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    SQA Knight bklabel1's Avatar
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    I usually call HP support right away when I cannot recognize objects or the recording is not looking correct. They usually have a patch or patches that I didn't know about. Also maybe QTP 11 or ALM 11.5 may work better.

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    Thanks bklabel1 and ivtm86 for update. Let me take this HP for resolution



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