HI ,

I am working on a Java application and QTP tool version is QTP11.0

I am able to get the itemscount from the Java Tree and able to select the specific node in the Java Tree, but one of the Node is dynamic in nature and i want to capture that during runtime. I tried lot ways to capture the value from the java tree but invain. below is the code am working on

Javawindow("Jdsf").javatree("ldntini").GetRoProper ty("itemscount")

which am able to get the counts and select the item in the tree

Javawindow("Jdsf").javatree("ldntini").Select "root";"object";"official";

After this tree level there is a date with timestamp which i need to fetch during runtime. Can anyone please help me how to get the value during runtime.

Thanks in Advance,