I have developed and worked with a QTP framework using QTP and Excel for a while. Now Im facing some challenges.

Brief description:
Combined keyword-driven, modularity-driven and data-driven frameworks with some of the principles from the BPT approach.
The framework consists of a driver script and many other scripts and actions/components. In the Excel file we can define different test cases in one tab, which test case to be run and how many times. In another tab we can set which actions to be included in the test cases, i.e. build the test case scenario. All the test data (a lot!) is also gathered in the excel file.
The framework makes it possible to run multiple test cases with different test data set, the same test case multiple times, even if it fails with one test data set, it can run further with another test data set.
All actions that should be run get a status (Pass/Fail) and the overall test case also get a status (Pass/Fail).

To run the test cases in Excel, we normally run the driver script from QTP or a vbs file. All the results are saved in the Excel file in a specific run folder.

The challenges:
We want also the framework/tests to be able to run from ALM/QC.
How to get all the test case results in ALM/QC?
When we run the driver script we get Pass/Fail on that script. But is there any possibility to get a status for each test case the driver script run?
Can QTP create empty tests in Test Lab and set a status on these?

I've looked at these possibilities:
- Define all test cases in ALM/QC Cs: Much work with the framework will be wasted. Test data and test iteration challenges.
- Create a "run folder" for each test run and save the Excel file there with all the results at the end of the run Cs: No statistics can be generated in ALM/QC, just for the driver script

Does anyone have any suggestions?