Hi All,

I'm trying to automate a flex application using QTP and facing a performance issue with one of page as it stores more information in one single panel. That panel has more that 500 objects (Flex Label Objects).

Currently i'm using following configuration.

- QTP 11
- Application complied with Flex builder 3.0
- Flex 3 plugin for QTP

When i was trying to search for solution. one of the solution is to upgrade from Flex 3 plugin to Flex 4 plug in.


In blog, it mentioned that i can use flex plugin 4 with the application complied with version Flex SDK 3.
I tried the following approach.

un-installed the Flex Plugin 3.
Restarted the machine
As per the readme.txt in the zip file [flex4_6_test_automation_plugin.zip], i double clicked file Install_QTP_Plugin.bat.
Restart my machine.

When i restart my QTP tool, i'm not seeing any addin with respect to Flex 4 to be selected.
Can some one help me with this problem, or if you have any other solution, it would be helpfull.