Hey guys,

So I searched long and hard for some kind of answer to this issue and I can't find anything. Maybe somebody could offer their expertise. Here is the issue:
Let's say I have 50 separate test cases in QC/ALM and I want to create a Hybrid Framework for all of those Test Cases. My test case flow is in an excel sheet and I have a driver script reading each test case, performing appropriate actions and moving through the excel sheet and all the test cases one by one. The issue is that I am only creating one Driver Script for the entire test set and testing these 50 Test Cases that are in QC. If I was to run this Driver script from QC, it would only update the results for the test case to which this script is attached. But in reality, I just tested 50 test cases with my one Hybrid Framework. So how do I integrate my Framework so that each Test Case in QC will receive the appropriate Pass/Fail result? I hope I was clear, let me know if I need to elaborate. Thanks.