I'm trying to figure out how if possible to load a datatable in QTP from a Test Configuration in ALM.

Problem I'm running into, I have many tests, each which has many data tables, defined as Test Resources, and linked via Test Configurations.
In ALM, the test is set to run from a Test Set which contains only 1 test, but with a bunch of test configurations, so it kind of looks like a bunch of instances, just in this case it's instances of test conigurations. Things run fine if I launch via ALM, however, if I open the test from QTP, select run, and save the results to ALM, I can select the appropriate Test Set, and it shows me the available instances (although annoyingly the list appears as a drop down with five "1"'s). No matter which instance I select, it doesn't run the datatable ***ociated with the Test Configuration, it runs the original datatable, ***ociated with the Test.

So I'm looking for some OTA code using the QCUTIL object, but I cannot figure out how to tell which configuration belongs to the instance I'm currently running. I figure I should be able to get the configuration, and then the ***ociated resource, and load it via datatable.import.

Any suggestions? Or other approaches? (and no, I cannot copy the test multiple times, it just won't work for what I'm doing)