I have been trying to use a script that was written for IE with FireFox. I installed a couple of Patches which allowed me to see the Objects with the Spy and when I go to the Object repository and "Highlight in Application" (Browser, Page or Webelement) it works. When I step through the script and get to the sync line on the Browser, or any line which would do something to a page or element on the page, I am getting a Type Mismatch error. All of the following lines are doing this:

Browser("BName").Page("PName").WebEdit("UserName") .Set gUserID
Browser("BName").Page("PName").WebEdit("UserPasswo rd").SetSecure gDefaultPWEncoded
Browser("BName").Page("PName").WebButton("Login"). Click

I have never seen anything like this and I am at my wits end today trying to figure it out.

I am running QTP11. I am running FireFox 16. I also tried this with FireFix12 with the same results. I have Patches QTPWEB_00090 and QTPWEB_00112 installed.

Has anyone seen a type mismatch error being thrown when doing a Sync on a page before? Anyone have any ideas?

I would really appreciate any help. I am stuck.