I am trying to automate oracle application, object is recognized as win object. I tried installing oracle add in.
nothing seems to work. It is recognizing object as generic.
The Checkboxes are not real Windows application checkboxes and do not have individual names that can be used to identify the object like actual WinCheckBox objects.
They are coming across as WinObject objects. This makes it impossible to select the checkboxes using the WinCheckBox API. We have to click on the check boxes using the X, Y coordinates from the upper left corner of the object.

2. Also the grids are not WinListView or WinEdit objects. They are also identified as WinObject objects.

WinListView objects are easier to retrieve the values of the cell contents using the row and column compared to WinObjects that require careful computation of the cordinates to retrieve the values.

Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this? I know it is C++ oracle application. so anyone can help with this issue or any idea?