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    Table Checkpoint Parameterization


    I am using table checkpoint to verify the content of an SwfTable. The values in all the columns are dynamic in nature, so I need to store the expected values in data table and use the data table values in checkpoint. I want to parameterize the checkpoint values from data table. I could do it for a single cell in checkpoint property window, but I have around 200 columns and number of rows. so it becomes tedious to parameterize each cell manually for thousands of cells. Is there any alternative to parameterize complete table checkpoint with data table ?
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    Re: Table Checkpoint Parameterization

    I had to check for messages in a webtable and here is what I did. (Use your own reporter events and data table calls, but this may help you)

    Sub ValidationMessageRating()
    Dim Maxloops,RCounter
    intLineNo=SwfWindow("TEST").SwfWindow("Validation" ).SwfTable("GridView").RowCount
    ExpType = Get_Data("Type",StrSheetName)
    ExpMsg1 = ExpType&" "&ExpMsg
    RCounter = 0
    Maxloops = intLineNo
    Do While RCounter < Maxloops
    StrMsgType=SwfWindow("TEST").SwfWindow("Validation ").SwfObject("GridView").GetCellData(RCounter, 0)
    StrMsg=SwfWindow("TEST").SwfWindow("Validation").S wfObject("GridView").GetCellData(RCounter,1)
    StrMsg1 = StrMsgType&" " &StrMsg

    If StrMsg1 = ExpMsg1 Then
    ReportPass "Validation Check ","Validation message of "&ExpMsg1& " appeared as expected"
    Exit Sub
    End If
    RCounter = RCounter +1
    ReportFail "Validation Check", array("Validation message of " &ExpMsg1& " not found",true,false)
    End Sub
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