Hello all,

I'm having an issue with the GetVisibleText method over a Delphi application under Windows 7.

The things i know:
- Windows XP was much better at text recognition than windows 7 since it had the API.
- GetVisibleText & GetTextLocation are both unreliable methods as per HP

I've also looked around on the forums to find any similar issue and so far, this is the closest one:

Anywho, the issue i'm having is the following:
I have a grid displayed under one of the the DelphiWindows. That grid has a horizontal scroll bar. What i'm trying to do is grab the Column headers and validate their sequence. Now, when I do a GetVisibleText on the original page, i am able to retrieve all of the visible columns' header. However, if i scroll to the right and attempt to get the new visible text, it returns "" even though i can clearly see other headers in the application.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?

As i said before, im aware GetVisibleText and GetTextLocation are two unreliable methods but, unfortunately, those are the only options i see right now as GetCellData doesn't return anything either.

Thank you for your time!