All my scripts are Data Driven in which I load an excel sheet and then for each script, A for Loop is used for example { for i=2 to sheetcount} to complete the iterations.
I have a driver script that looks at a value on the Driver sheet if the value is "Yes" for a particular script, then I use loadandRunaction and the script is loaded with the excel sheet and completes the execution with all the iterations for example {1 to 10 iterations}.I wanted to have another Regression Lite script where if the Execute is "yes" for the script then the Action would be loaded With the excel sheet,Then the excel sheet should be scanned for a column Regression lite, if the Regression lite is yes for a particular iteration (For example iteration 4,Only
the iteration 4 should be executed). But rignt now once the Execute is "yes" the action is loaded all the iterations from 1 to 10 are executed, Instead I want to have a control of each iteration.

Right now, In the each individual script once the action is loaded {for i=2 to sheetcount} all the iterations are executed.

Is there a better way to do this when calling an action, from a driver script it can load the excel sheet, and look for a particular column and execute that particular iteration. Appreciate your answers.