I have started working on QTP webservice recently and struggling with few issues, Please can anyone respond to the following questions.

1. I was trying to run the QTP WS by adding teh WSDL but it doesn't allow me to add the project until th eProxy is Off on IE. Does QTP WS allows to add project only when the Proxy is off?

2. I anyhow added teh project successfully and tried to run the test case. Again I had problem with teh check points - The request I submitted returned a sresponse with about 10 result codes(4- digit codes..example: 1101.1102.1103 etc...)
I was looking for result code 1103 for that particular request(I have added check point for only 1103). When QTP finish runnign the request teh response is returned with all 10 digit codes. I am only looking for 1103 but the response returned was failed even after receiving all codes. The expected is1103 and the actual say as 1101 - which is the first one returned on the set of codes.

Does QTP recognises only first element on the response( I was expecting 1103 which was returned third in teh list) or what happens if the results codes are returned in a different order.

Soap ui does return it as pass because it finds taht results code in the response some where.