We are having issues accessing Telerik RadMenu items using QTP 11. Telerik provides a framework, WebAii, for use in Visual Studio but I'd rather stick to one tool. I am not having very much luck using Extern.Declare on the dlls shipped with this solution. Has anyone tried calling these dlls from within QTP? I have tried several different ways and can't seem to get the right combination. The dll would be "Telerik.WebAii.Controls.Html" and the action I am trying to perform would be "RadMenu menu = Find.ById<RadMenu>("RadMenu1");"

What we really need to be able to do is grab all the list items to validate. Unfortunately, the way Telerik nests the items, I am even having issues grabbing them using the DOM. I can get ALL the items but am not able to distinguish what items belong in which dropdown menu. It seems I am just not skilled enough to make this work...

Any input is appreciated,