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    Java Swing appliaction not identified QTP 9.5

    Hi ,

    Below are my system settings -

    JRE 1.6
    QTP 9.5 - Java add-in
    Java Swing application (standalone application) - Objects not identified

    Java Applet - Objects identified without any issues .

    Do we have any solution/workaround/advice for this issue ?


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    Re: Java Swing appliaction not identified QTP 9.5

    which objects are not identified. ? you said JavaApplet has been identified but not JavaButton, JavaTable ect.. ?

    Are those objects identify as JavaObjects or WinObject?
    Also attach screen shot also with GUI spy

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    Re: Java Swing appliaction not identified QTP 9.5

    I tried opening a browser based application on the internet, all the controls are identified properly.

    This doesn't work on a Standalone Swing Java application , none of the controls are identified and the whole appliaction screen is identified as window.


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    Re: Java Swing appliaction not identified QTP 9.5

    k so for browser base application, you can identify objects as javatable, javabutton or ...
    if you are identifying as browser, page, webbased objects .. then you are not identifying objects correctly there also..

    you can try couple of things..
    1. Open application after QTP
    2. delete all jar files from temp folders, verifty that your java home is correctly set in environment variable
    3. Talk to developer and he may help you to understand architecture of an application.
    4. try on different machine
    if you provide screen shot attachment, it will provide help to assist you..

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    Re: Java Swing appliaction not identified QTP 9.5

    Hi madrasmozart,

    Did you able to reolve this issue. It ll be helpful if you share the solution adapted.


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    Hello all,

    i have a web application which uses Captain Casa (CaptainCasa - Rich Internet Application Framework for demanding Applications). It is based on JavaFX or on Java Swing. My application, i have to test, is based on JavaSwing.

    You can try a live demo at


    Does anybody get the Objects with the object spy ??

    I don't get any objects. I use HP QuickTest Professional Build 513. I have the following add ins:

    Visual Basic
    Web Services

    Please help.

    Thank you.



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