Hi All,

I have recently upgraded from QTP10 to QTP11 and some of my existing regression tests are no longer running against the AUT.

The AUT is a Java application that has an embedded browser used for certian user cases, the AUT uses the Java class ezjcom.JComActiveXContainer which is used to provide the display window to the ActiveX objects.

Below is the identification properties when spying with the Java and Web addins.
"Class Name:=JavaObject","abs_x:=243","abs_y:=274","attac hed text:=","background:=f0f0f0","class description:=object","class_path:=ezjcom\.JComActi veXContainer;java\.awt\.Canvas;java\.awt\.Componen t;java\.lang\.Object;","developer name:=","displayed:=1","enabled:=1","focused:=0"," foreground:=black","height:=851","index:=","label: =","labeled_containers_path:=","logical_location:= ","path:=JComActiveXContainer;JPanel;JPanel;Knowle dgeManagementPanelJFC;CCSBaseNotebookJFC;JPanel;JP anel;CCSBaseAgentNotebookPanelJFC;JPanel;JSplitPan e;JPanel;CCSBaseGatherInformationPanelJFC;JPanel;J LayeredPane;JRootPane;CCSAgentWindow;","tagname:=J ComActiveXContainer","to_class:=JavaObject","to_de scription:=JavaObject","toolkit class:=ezjcom\.JComActiveXContainer","width:=1663" ,"x:=0","y:=0"

In QTP we got this working by modifiying the mic, micWeb, Mercury and micIPC INI files to include or remove Java.exe and JavaW.exe, I tried this same approach with QTP 11 but this crashed my system when I attemted to spy on the embedded browser with a Java Launcher error.

Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.