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    Facing machine specific Issue

    I am using QTP 11 to execute my scripts. Scripts were working fine, but before some days, I am facing below issues which is machine specific ( scripts were working fine on same machine previously):
    1) In QTP, it is not mandatory to declare variables until "OPTION EXPLICIT" is used. But I am getting error "Illegal Assignment" for the variable which is not declared.
    After variable is declared, script is working fine.
    Even, it is observed that this issue is faced only on one specific machine. Variable is used in For Loop
    For i = 1 to ubound(Arr) ' here it throws an error of illegal assignment for variable i, which is not used in code anywhere else.

    2)After above issue is faced, it is even observed that many other functions have stopped working only on that specific machine. It is observed that functions using shell script for keyboard actions are not working.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Facing machine specific Issue

    You are correct! QTP behaves strangely some time.. for me I had issues with while loop which was working on one machine and not on other machine..dont know why..
    I know I am not throwing some ideas and thoughts.. Can you please delete all temp folders from temp directory (%TEMP%)
    Reboot machine and see how it goes..
    In my case, I re install clean copy and it started working fine.



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