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    Terminal Emulator - QTP not identifying fields

    Hi all,
    For our Mainframe application, we loaded TE add-in and its identifying TeWindow and TeScreen objects. After that, QTP not identifying TeField objects inside TeScreen but shows Protected Fields as 100 for TeScreen object.

    How to access the TeFields?
    Any Ideas? Any TE configuration settings needs to be changed.

    Thank/Like to help others if my input helped you !!!
    I am speaking for myself, not for my employer nor any one.
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    Re: Terminal Emulator - QTP not identifying fields

    Yes, you have to do some intital setup. Emulator specific instructions are given in the TE addin guide.

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    Re: Terminal Emulator - QTP not identifying fields

    @Shanmugavel - The whole emulator screen is a grid structure composed of protected and unprotected fields. Once you are able to spy on the screen and get the object model hierarchy i guess you should be good to go. Just ensure that the screen in question does have scope for you to enter values on the screen and is not readonly (trap the co-ordinates where cursor blinks on the screen)
    Use the TeScreen.SetText 10,10,"X" to set a value X in an unprotected field which has co ordinates 10,10

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    Re: Terminal Emulator - QTP not identifying fields

    Additionally assuming that you set up the right configuration for your TE settings.
    1.setting the hllapi32 dll path
    2. set the terminal short tag to A in ur TE screen
    Which terminal emulator vendor are you using?



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