QTP 11
HP Service Test 11.2

Hi does anyone know how to programmatically create an instance of an HP Service Test Object in QTP

In QTP I can successfully insert a call to a Service Test Test this uses Service Test Test Dialog Box.

This creates a call as follows in my QTP Script as follows:

var_CallServiceTest = CallServiceTest ("ServiceTest5.st_1","ServiceTest5Params-7.xml")

This connects to my Service Test fine.

However this ties the me to the QTP test that is currently open.

What I want to do is create a call dynamically via a function call as part of a Keyword Driven Framework
So what I really want to do is create an instance of the "CallServiceTest" object and pass it parameters.

I have tried replacing the call as follows without any success.

var_CallServiceTest = CallServiceTest(PathToServiceTest, PathToParamFile)

Actually the PathToParamFile works fine the problem is with PathToServiceTest.

Does an object exist for CallServiceTest?