I am trying to build a tests for QT + C++ application using QTP 11.
My application in simplify view is several fields to be filled (list, checkbox, text, ...) and button "Add" - which is add them to displayed table ( I am not dealing with database tables).

QTP does not recognize the objects of the application, only main windows (QTP recognize them as QWidget).

I am trying to setup Virtual Objects to accomplish my task.

Generally I have 2 issues - with Virtual List and Virtual table.

Virtual Table:
1). How can I create virtual table object, if when I setting up virtual object, the table is empty? I mean, I cannot define num. of rows in the Virtual Object Creation dialog, because rows will be added / removed from the table dynamically.

2). How can I handle new row added / deleted in virtual table? I know, that on regular table I can use something like Get Row Number functions, as well as just use property Rows. But this function is not available for Virtual Table, and Rows property will return pre-defined number of rows (entred in the Virtual Objects dialog).

3). When my table is defined in some pre-defined size on the form (liek 300 px width, 200 px height). When number of rows is growing up, and not all rows can be displayed in the table - scroll bars will appeared. How can I select and test rows that I need to scroll to?

Thanks a lot!