Hi all,
I want to define an object with descriptive programming.It is an network layout view and there is a custom plugin written by third party developer, which recognizes it as a IlpManagerView java object in the OR, but I want to bypass the OR.

I tried to call the objectw with some properties (like attached text, logical name, tagname etx)but failed.

I am posting spy snapshot and I also wrote some properties
of the objects. Please somebody help me on this,

Class Name : IlpManagerView
class_path : ilog.cpl.graphic.views.IlpManagerView;ilog.views.I lvManagerView;java.awt.Container;java.awt.Componen t;java.lang.Object;
path :IlpManagerView;IlvJScrollManagerView;IlpNetworkVi ew;IlpNetwork;JPanel;FrameManagerPanelFactoryC$Clo singJPanelC;JPanel;JLayeredPane;JRootPane;GenericF rameAsJInternalFrameC;JDesktopPane;JPanel;JPanel;J Panel;JPanel;JLayeredPane;JRootPane;FrameManagerMa inWindowC;

toolkit class : ilog.cpl.graphic.views.IlpManagerView