I previously posted an issue believing the Silverlight addid caused the problem, but I tried just installing WPF and the browser stopped working when i navigated to a page of the web application.

If i don't load WPF, everything else works fine.

The first error I get is a MS win dialog:
"Internet Explorer has stopped working. Close Program"

Then I get another message at the task bar:
"To help protect your computer, Data Execution Prevention has closed IE"

I tried adding QTP to the DEP exceptions in the DEP tab in Performance options, but didn't help.

I don't need WPF, but I have to select it to use the Silverlight addin. (we are using SL4)

For some reason there is a conflict with the WPF addin and DEP. Like i said, the app doesn't use it, but QTP obviously loads it when the browser opens.

I have installed all the QTP11 patches.

Anyone have any ideas why WPF is in conflict with DEP?
Is there any way to use the Silverlight addid without having to load WPF?

Any thoughts and or suggestions would be appreciated.