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    Local Data table column not recognized

    Hi Guys: I have a local datatatable and have added a column as part of parametrisation for a particular action. When the test is run by itself, it works fine. BUt when this test containing this one action called from a different script does not recognize this column during runtime. It gives me an error saying that the column does not exist. I have added any such columns and all the others work fine even when called from different scripts. Does any of youhave a clue of what is happening here or has anyone come across the same situation? Any help is appreciated. Thanks for all your help.

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    Re: Local Data table column not recognized

    It may be due to an unsupported DataTable feature like formula or formatting from excel.

    Can you try the below & post the result?

    When this error occurs, pause the test & try to import a DataSheet manually. If the import fails, then probably the above is the reason for failure.

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    Re: Local Data table column not recognized

    Thanks Rajkumar for your quick reply. It just fixed itself. Had to delete the action and restart QTP and re-call the action atleast 4 times and it worked the 5th time. Not sure what the issue was.

    Thanks anyways.



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