I am automating a Java SWT app. It has Java SWT tables. These tables are used for validations. The first column of every table is a coloured cell, the color of which changes in case of errors (becomed red, yellow etc). The problem is to identify the colors of these cells. I am using GetTextLocation method to fetch the text of the adjacent cell and then calculating the run time cordinates of the coloured cells. To fecth the colours I am using User32 api functions. If the QTP is able to identify the text User32 can give the correct color. Problem is that GetTextLocation method is not consistent and fails at times. My desktop color scheme is fixed at 16 bit. Is this because of this ? Any pointers. No other method is working ....this seems to be the only solution. This app also has a Nattable for which I have written extensibility however Java Table is a standard Java control and I guess it will not allow me to extend it.