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    Help needed on QC/QTP related issues

    Currently , we are scheduling batch job run for a QC test set using "RunTestSet" Utility (this is a third party utility , provided to us by HP for scheduling unattended test run) on a remote virtual machine

    We are facing mainly following issues :

    - Currently scheduled test set is not working as expected on remote Virtual Machine . unfortunately , our scheduled test set run only 10-15 minutes and later on execution halts . Further investigation reveals that QTP script execution stops as soon as workstation goes in lock mode . Do you have any suggestion how we can avoid system locking on remote VM. We tried to write an VB script program that sends an interrupt after every one minute but it seems this solution does not work explicitly only for virtual machine. How can we run unattended test set on virtual machine ? We cannot use any third part utility tool to prevent locking according to client's guidelines

    On other hand , If you guys do n't use "RunTestSet" Scheduler to execute scripts on remote VM , please let us know how you execute your unattended scripts on virtual machine.

    - Our scheduled test set contains 300+ test script (over all execution time will be 450 minutes + i.e. more than 7-8 hours , if we consider 1.5 minute/test case) . How we can use system resource efficiently . Earlier we ran in to out of memory related issues but we resolved the problem by making configuration changes in remote agent client ( We found that QTP itself consumes tons of memory so we instructed remote client -this is again a utility to run QTP from external HP product (for example QC) - to restart QTP after each x runs , this releases the memory used by QTP and we were able to run the test cases) . Do we have any better way to handle memory management related issues for a large scale application . We understand that programming do play a very important role (since VB/QTP does have memory leaks) so we have taken necessary precaution/coding standards while coding our VB related scripts .

    - Lastly , we are also running our test scripts on a work station (Not on virtual machine ) ,We were able to run our test set with 150 scripts without any problems (we used dependency among scripts to execute all 150 scripts and we ran it more than a month) . Lately , we decided to include another 100 scripts ( so over all script become 250 now) but unfortunately , execution halts without any valid reason after 182 th test case .Remaining test cases (182nd onwards) shows status as "No Run" . We neither see any error in report nor any sort of error message thrown by QTP/QC . We tried to notice memory consumption but we did not see any unusual activity here as well . If you have any thoughts where we can venture our next effort to look out for problem , please let us know .

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    Re: Help needed on QC/QTP related issues

    Will mention few points
    - Try not have QC code running on same machine as QTP. We have noticed that doing that will produce more memory leaks and sometimes only a reboot of the machine can fix the situation.

    - Also make sure QTP is not used for too many script without closing and re-opening QTP

    Also have a look at below




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