I have a Powerbuilder application. In it there is a ContextMenu for a Photolineup, that has "Delete".
When using a role that allows delete, this can be selected and works fine. However, if I change the role to someone that is not allowed to delete a Photolineup, then it is greyed out.
I need to be able to tell when this is active or not, as the script goes through all the roles.

temp = Window("Person").WinMenu("ContextMenu").GetROPrope rty("Delete")
msgbox temp
This returns a blank.

If Window("Person").WinMenu("ContextMenu").GetROPrope rty("disabled") <> 0 then
msgbox "NOT disabled"
msgbox "Disabled"
end if

Returns the same answer!

I have been told that this is not possible!!!!
I am hopoing that someone knows how to resolve this as my boss is thinking of not automatting if I cannot get it working soon.Manual testing [img]/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]