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    QTP/qc with IE8.0

    Hello All,

    Need your expertise help.

    It was fine before. We are running QTP10 with QC10. As usual launched QTP and then QC and ran the script from QC. the script runs fine but the QC closes by itself and the script completes the run successfully. I have to log back to QC again to validate the results. Has anyone encountered QC logging off by itself. is there any solution to fix this problem.

    Thank you for your help in advance

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    Re: QTP/qc with IE8.0

    Are you sure the script is not closing the IE process? If you want to use QC to run the scripts on the same machine, I would recommed using the QCExplorer, instead of IE.

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    Re: QTP/qc with IE8.0

    thank you raj for the reply. It was working fine earlier with IE6.0 and IE8.0. Now It works fine with IE6.0 but with IE8.0 it logs off. I am sure that script is not closing the ie process.

    Regarding the QC explorer, the managment doesnt' want to use for some reasons i have no clue to it.

    Thank you

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    Re: QTP/qc with IE8.0

    So it doesn't close the QC browser, just logs out? Sure it's not just QC timing out? Are you clearing cookies in your test maybe?

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    Re: QTP/qc with IE8.0

    thank you and QC logs out and closes the ie browser too.

    This doesn't happen with IE6.0 and also we are able to work on both browsers until we got into this problem with IE8.0 browser. Probably i should look into the one IE8.0 patch that got delivered earlier to all pc's and test by uninstalling this patch and run the test again to see if it is causing the problem.

    thank you



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