I having issues selecting a link pulled in from a wrapper file. Some other group designs and handels the toolbars, dropdowns etc and our app lives within their code.

The following code works, but only 50% of the time:

ut I cant seem to get any information on the Image Access Blink under the dropdown for Client->Reports -> Images "Link".

I cannot seem to use my Object Spy to determine the link properties as the dropdown does not open when I hover over the dropdown.

Is there a better cleaner way that I could try other than what I have?

x = Browser("W").Page("M").Link("text:=All Images").GetROProperty("abs_x")
y = Browser("W").Page("M").Link("text:=All Images").GetROProperty("abs_y")

Browser("W").Page("M").Link("text:=All Images", "abs_x:=" & x, "abs_y:=" & y).Click