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    QTP11 + Oracle forms Issue

    Hi All,
    I have installed qtp11 with java, and oracle addins, the AUT is Oracle application which is oppened from a web application.
    When i am trying to identify the objects in the oracle application its is not identifying,
    ples find the attached screenshot
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    Re: QTP11 + Oracle forms Issue


    QuickTest Professional (QTP) Java support is not loaded for Java applications (web or windows based applications) in JRE/JDK 1.6.0_10, 1.6.0_11, 1.6.0_12 or 1.6.0_13. As a result, QTP cannot record or replay tests with Java applets.


    Sun released a Java Browser Plug-in in JRE/JDK 1.6.0_10, 1.6.0_11, 1.6.0_12 and 1.6.0_13. These versions of plug-in have a backward compatibility issue; it ignores environment variables used for configuration (_Java_options and java_tool_options).

    HP's Java technology add-ins (Java and Oracle add-ins for both WinRunner and QTP) use those environment variables to configure the JVM to load our agent.

    When they are ignored by the new plug-in, it does not load our agent.


    Sun Microsystems Inc. fixed problem starting with Java 1.6 Update 14, however if Updates 10 through 13 are required/used, you can disable the conflicting technology incorporated in the following way:

    On the Windows platform only, the plug-in setting can be switched in the Java Control Panel.

    1.In the Java Control Panel, select the Advanced tab
    2.Under the Java Plug-In node, clear the "Enable the next generation Plug-in" checkbox to use the classic plug-in.
    3.Click OK.
    4.Restart the browser.

    If this does not work, install patch...
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    Re: QTP11 + Oracle forms Issue

    patchname is : QTP_00709.EXE from hp site.
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