Hi all,

We are working with SAP Logon 720. In the application we have a SAPGuiGrid with 13 rows and 5 columns. When we try to fetch the data within cells through the GetCellData method we are getting the value properly for all columns except column number 3.

when we try to fetch the data present in column 3, it taking the data of column 1. But all other columns are working fine.

Please find the script used.

TransactionGridRowValue = SAPGuiSession("guicomponenttype:=12","name:=ses\[0\]").SAPGuiWindow("guicomponenttype:=21","name:= wnd\[0\]").SAPGuiGrid("guicomponenttype:=201","name:=shell ").RowCount
For RowValue = 1 to TransactionGridRowValue
CellData = SAPGuiSession("guicomponenttype:=12","name:=ses\[0\]").SAPGuiWindow("guicomponenttype:=21","name:= wnd\[0\]").SAPGuiGrid("guicomponenttype:=201","name:=shell ").GetCellData(RowValue, "#3")
msgbox CellData

Please help me inresolving this issue at the earliest