We are installing QTP v11 on Windows 7 VMs, setting the license type to Concurrent, and pointing them to a separate system as the license server. During the QTP installation the user is designating the Concurrent License Server information and testing the connection successfully. Immediately after completing the install (no reboots, no logouts) the user is then launching QTP. The user is receiving a License Error message:

"Unable to connect to a license server.
The details below summarize the attempted server connections and the returned errors:
<concurrent license server FQDN> - The license server does not have a valid QuickTest Professional license. For more information about installing a license..."

Other users that have QTP installed on Win7 VMs have no trouble connecting to this same license server. The users all have Admin privileges in their individual VMs.

I have confirmed that the user has the LSFORCEHOST environment variable set to the FQDN of the license server.

Any suggestions?