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    INPUTS Needed: QTP scripts in .NET languages

    I have been working on creating a bridge for QTP and .NET. This will allow you to create a scripts in .NET. I am currently using the SharpDevelop opensource tool for coding the scripts. Things that have been achieved in the bridge as of now

    - Similar coding style to QTP
    <font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
    QTP.StartBrige("c:\\QTPBridge",new string[]{"Web","Siebel"}, "C:\\Temp\\TarunTest", true);
    //QTP.AsyncExecute("msgbox 2");
    //QTP execution can still continue even after displaying a message box
    //this will make it possible to execute code which can block QTP's execution
    //like Outlook's objMail.Send popup which blocked
    using (QTP.StartEvent(ReportActionType.BusinessProcess," Test Bridge"))
    QTP.AsyncExecute("Msgbox \"Done\",, \"TARUNLALWANI\"");
    QTP.Dialog("regexpwndtitle:=TARUNLALWANI").WinButt on("nativeclass:=Button","text:=OK").Click();
    QTP.SystemUtil.Run ("iexplore.exe");
    </pre><hr />

    - Ability to run multiple tests and merge the results into one XML
    - Ability to update the result summary at the end, delete steps not reported by user, delete passed and done steps.
    - Ability to rename actions and the final test name
    - Ability to generate HTML results using QTP's XSL
    - Ability to report and create hierarchy for functions, business component, action yourself

    What is in progress
    - Generate XLS report from XML. This is where I am looking for inputs, how would you want to map a test result from QTP to XML? How should the hierarchy be represented? how the images should be added?

    Any other inputs would also be great

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    Re: INPUTS Needed: QTP scripts in .NET languages

    Hi Tarun

    Nice idea - reporting is a bit of a tricky one and you'll probably get a wide variety of views on this.

    When it comes to iterations I view each iteration as an individual test case, so if 99 iterations pass but 1 fails I want to just focus on the one test that fails. What's annoying about the current reporting method and qc, is that the one fail flags the whole test as a fail which is not an accurate representation.

    Personally I would setup the report as follows:

    1) Have a html table summarising the results of each individual iteration. This would just contain basic info such as start time, end time, iteration no, overall pass/fail status.

    2) This table would then link to another report where the detail of the test iteration is displayed. This report would:
    a) At the top have a summary explaining no of passes, fails etc. For each warning or fail, a link to an anchor in the document where I can get more information would be useful.
    b) Then it could have a table detailing each test step: status, comments, and screenshot(embedded, but scaled down in size).

    This way I would have a high level report of the execution, with the option to delve deeper if required. If it was all combined in one page then the load time on the html would be massive if the run had hundreds of iterations. I could then feed this high level report into an overall MI report to see the execution status of all my test runs (i.e something like the QC test lab but with the ability to treat iterations as individual test cases).

    Good luck!



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