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    Reg: Create System Environment Variable in QTP

    Hi All

    Is it possible to Create System Environment variable(ie. Windows Environment variable) using QTP. I need that System variable for Execution purpose.

    If any one idea please share it.


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    Re: Reg: Create System Environment Variable in QTP


    'You can able to do using Wscripts

    Set objWSH = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    Set objUserVariables = objWSH.Environment("USER")

    'Say you want to add a System or a User variable. Pretty simple, just use the
    objUserVariables("Test_USER_VARIABLE") = "User Variable Sir!"
    msgbox objUserVariables("Test_USER_VARIABLE")

    Set objSystemVariables = objWSH.Environment("SYSTEM")
    MsgBox(objSystemVariables ("PATH"))
    objSystemVariables("Test_SYSTEM_VARIABLE") = "System Variable Sir!"
    msgbox objSystemVariables("Test_SYSTEM_VARIABLE")

    'But if you want to set the system variable require custom account with Admin rights.

    'hope it will help



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