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    Issue with WinlistView


    I am having issue working with a WinlistView obj in Windows application. When I get the column count for this obj, I see 34 columns, and the get item gives me 5 rows, how do I Enter value in one of the cells? Say I want to enter value for an object in 2nd Row and 4th Column. WHen I do the record and run, This is the Line I get

    Window("").WinListView("").WinEdit("Edit").Set "200.00"

    But the "Edit" object is not in the repository it says when I re-run it.

    And even if I decide to save the Edit object how do I save it? I mean there are other Edit objects as well, how will I make it unique?


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    Re: Issue with WinlistView

    Post a snapshot after spying the WinEdit Object. Also post the exact error message that you get.

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    Re: Issue with WinlistView


    I have figured out a way to enter value in the edit box, but now my problem is. How do I click in the edit box first? This is the worst case scenario, I know. in the WinListview box, until I click on the particular object, it does not convert to WinEdit, It sucks. I am using this, but I am getting a syntax error, can anyone see anything wrong in it?

    Window("").WinListView("").Click 389, 483

    Please help me someone, Also, there any other function I can use? I also tried using Activate, and even that does not work.




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