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Addins - .NET. ActiveX, VB, WPF
VB application with .NET, ActiveX & WPF controls

I am attempting to read the font colour of a WPF control (edit box). I have successfully achieved this for VB controls using the below code:

VbWindow("WinName").VbWindow("ChildWinName").Activ eX("SSTab").VbEdit("TextBox").Object.ForeColor

When I look at the WPF object via the Object Spy I can see the native Foreground property is set to {#FFFF0000}, however when using the below code, the returned value is empty.

VbWindow("WinName").VbWindow("ChildWinName").Activ eX("SSTab").ActiveX("InteropGenericAddressControl" ).SwfObject("ElementHost1").WpfWindow("WpfWindow") .WpfEdit("TextBox").Object.Foreground

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can retrieve the native Foreground property at runtime?