After using the scripts for testing purposes, our management wants me to implement the Scripts to be used by the developers in simple ways and create the a test harness for developers to execute the scripts on their desktop by themselves.

ScriptName** Execute Module
1* Baby-Food** Y** B
2* Baby-Formula** N** B
3* Adult-Food** Y** A
4* Kids Meal** N** A
5* Kids Dinner** Y** K
6* Baby drink** N** B
7* Kids Drink** Y** K
8* Kids cereal** N** K
9* Adult breakfast**Y A
I have a regression driver script that executes if there is a value y in the execute column.
I wanted to create a modular driver script for developers to run the script for themselves, by choosing the module they want to run it. For example if they made some changes to the baby food menu items on the application, they can run just the Module B(That has scripts-Baby-Food, Baby-Formula, Baby Drink) , Or they can run for Module A (Adult-Food, Adult breakfast) or Module K (Kids Meal, Kids cereal, Kids Dinner) Else they can run the module for the combination Of Either Module B and Module K, or either Module A and K. can anyone please advise how to write the statements into a driver script.Please look at attachment.

For regular regression I have tried to take the script from the forum and implement it as below.

Dim intScriptCount, intScriptLoop, strRunScript

'Creates an environment variable to hold the user name. Initialized here to be empty until it is used somewhere.
‘Environment("strUserName") = ""

'Creates an environment variable to hold the account name. Initialized here to be empty until it is used somewhere.
‘Environment("strAccountName") = ""

For intMultiLoop = 1 to 1 'Just used for testing when I feel like making the script run over and over, otherwise it is set for = 1 to 1

'************************************************* ************************************************** *********
'*** Now we're ready to actually run some tests
'************************************************* ************************************************** *********

'We get the number of scripts in the local DataSheet
import Datatable
intScriptCount = DataTable.GetSheet("Driver").GetRowCount

'We loop through each row and check to see if the Run column is blank.
'If it is blank, we skip that row.
'Otherwise, we run the script identified in the ScriptName column
For intScriptLoop = 1 to intScriptCount
DataTable.GetSheet("Driver").SetCurrentRow intScriptLoop

strRunScript = DataTable("Execute", "Driver")

If strRunScript <> "Y" Then
RunAction DataTable("ScriptName", "Driver"), oneIteration
End If

Next 'intMultiLoop 'Just used for testing