'm working on an application with WPF(.Net 4), using QTP 10/11, QTP
has no problems recognising the different types of WPF objects.

My problems start when i want to click an items inside the WPFList, i
have tried calling all the different methods available in my script
but i'm getting no where.

In QTP's help documentation's EXAMPLEs they want to make you believe
is very simple as:
itemVal = WpfWindow("SimpleStyles").WpfList("Main Courses").GetItem(4)
WpfWindow("SimpleStyles").WpfList("Favorite Courses").Select itemVal

BUT if i try something similar in my script it does not work for me.

this is what i have in my script:

1. select the WPFList from the menu

WpfWindow("devname:=Cen.*","regexpwndtitle:=Cen.*" ​
).WpfMenu("wpftypename:=menu").Select "Management;Global Settings..."

2. trying to select something inside the wpfList
WpfWindow("classname:=E.WpfUtilities.Containers.Fl oatingWindow").WpfList("wpftypename:=list
view").WpfButton("classname:=System.Windows.Contro ls.Primitives.ToggleButton","name:=SignalIO").clic k

this should work with discriptivve programming BUT is not

can someone please let me know what i could be doing wrong.