Hello everyone!

I encountered a problem when writing tests in QTP for web aplication.
The situation is:
- Server demands a client certificate
- I have imported many client certificates in my personal cert. store
- QTP opens url of web app in IE and dialog pop-ups. This dialog shows all imported client certificates and user has to choose one of them.
- environment: win 7, QTP 11, IE 9

The problem is that QTP doesn't recognize the elements in dialog (meaning the list of imported certificates). When I click on some certificate from list, QTP only records mouse coordinates, and than OK button later.

I need to be able to select different certificates from that dialog in various tests. I google for 2 days with no success. I tried some workaround with winAPI (wininet.dll, InternetSetOptionA), but I couldn't get it to work Using "InternetExplorer.Application" com object was also dead end...

Is there some QTP/vbs guru that would help me, please?