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    how to clear browser SSL state using qtp


    we are working with SSL client certificates, IE 8 browser is storing certificate information even after closing browser. We can clear this info by clicking on Clear Browser SSL state from Browser >> internet Options >> Content >> Clear SSL State

    I need to automate this using QTP, do we have any way to do this

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: how to clear browser SSL state using qtp

    Check if this info is stored somewhere in the temp folder like cookie information. Then u can use fso and clear these files!!
    Ganesh Iyer
    Winds of Change

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    Re: how to clear browser SSL state using qtp

    Hi Ganesh,

    I tried to delete DAT file but those files are using by the frist browser session.

    Here is my actual requirement.

    I am having problem while accessing application having Digitial certificate, when mutiple browser sessions opened. Digital Certificate selection dialog box is displaying.

    Complete description: We QTP Automation scripts to execute from Quality Center, setup and execution as mentioned below.

    1. Browser session1: Quality Center will open primary browser

    2. Will execute automation scripts - first script will start execution

    3. It will launch AUT (Application under test) in new browser - browser session 2

    4. Digital certificate selection dialog opned and application logs in successfully then logged out after completing execution. (Browser session2 closed)

    5. execting 2 nd script, this will launch new browser and try to launch AUT

    6. Now Digital certificate selection dialog not displayed, directly it is asking user credential for the Browser session2 certifcate selection

    Here Browser session1 caching browser session2 SSL state.

    We can clear this manually by clearing SSL state from Browser Internet options...,

    Is there any Registry setting to disable SSL state




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