in my qtp10,i installed Java Add-in Extensibility to eclipse,i'm following the Java Add-in Extensibility document to create a QuickTest Java Add-in Extensibility project in eclipse,but in step2(Custom Toolkit Details Screen),i don't understand the "Custom toolkit class locations", i read the Java Add-in Extensibility document,it mean is :
1.Add project ----at one's option a project or common java project
2.Add Jar -----what is the .jar

result: i add all .jar(JavaExt.jar,jacob.jar,jasmine.jar,mic.jar,xer cesImpl.jar,xmlParserAPIs.jar),click ok. then right click my project properties,choose "QuickTest Support",popup a dialog(could not accept changes,the currently displayed page contains invaild values)

i add a java project ,Similarly

please help me ,thank you