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    .NET in a native windows application

    does anyone have any experience using QTP with a native windows application that hosts .NET DLLs? i've been using QTP with our application for a short time and we've been slowly automating new areas of the program. i attempted to record some actions against a form that is from a .NET DLL and everthing on the form only gets recognized as an swfobject. even any child forms from the main form only get recorded as swfobject. is this a known limitation with QTP or is there some way to get QTP to recognize the various .NET controls for what they are? i'm using QTP 11 with the .NET add-in.



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    Re: .NET in a native windows application


    check once with your developers if they are using any 3rd party dll's.
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    Re: .NET in a native windows application

    This usually means that developers have used a custom class for the objects and they are not using standard .NET controls.



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