Hi all,

Basic info:
* QTP 10.00
* AUT: SAP Portal
* Web and SAP Addins enabled

I have created a simple script that works just fine in a single machine, but will not work on any other.

I noticed two different behaviors:
a. The SAP Objects are identified OCCASIONALLY as Web Objects on the machines the script won't work
b. When trying to read data from a WebTable, one one machine it works fine, on the others (3 others) an error message pops up indicating more than 1 object was found with the same identification properties (this table is identified as WebTable on all machines)

Good Machine: Windows 7 and IE 8
Bad Machines: Windows XP and IE 6

For problem a. I have done some research and found a topic in a forum indicating to modify SAPConfiguration.xml file. Well - I opened the file, but I have no clue what to do - I give it a shot and it didn't make a difference.
For b., I couldn't find anything related to it...

Anybody has any idea on this?