I have a problem testing our web application written in Java and JSF + Richfaces as a front-end in Quick Test Professional. The application is for IE versions 7-8 because this is the default web browser in this company.

We are using Drop down menu and Tab panel richfaces components and when recording in QTP these components doesn't seem to work, namely when mouseover or click on drop down menu nothing happens, menu doesn't roll out. When clicking on tab panel on the other hand QTP records the click but site is not being refreshed(we are using tab panel for secondary navigation tab).

Later I've tried record on the official Richfaces site on these components that we are using namely:


and the behaviour is the same.

Of course these components work fine in IE when the web browser is not linked to QTP.

I've found workaround to the half of that problem, namely when clicking on tab panel QTP records the click, then I have to stop the recording, refresh the site in web browser manually and then start recording again but this sometimes forces reloading the session.

However using this workaround is extremely inconvenient.

When I was searching for this problem on the net and forums I've found only that QTP isn't compatible with Richfaces but concerning some other problems and hadn't found similar problem.

Maybe I have wrong configuration of QTP but I have analysed most of the options in QTP and that problem always exists.

If you know something concerning this problem please answer or at least check for me if you have the same behaviour on these components on the official Richfaces site.

I am using Quick Test Professional 11.0, Windows 7 64 bit and Internet Explorer 8.