Hello all.

I am relatively new to QTP. I am working with QTP 11 using the .NET addin. The WindowsForms application I am testing uses different 3rd party grid controls. One is listed as an "Resco.Controls.AdvancedList.AdvancedList." More info can be read about it here:


I have used every type of recording and object discovery. The deepest object I can discover is the grid/list itself. By using the .Object property, I can iterate through the Rows, pull data from the SelectedCell, and gather about any other bit of info available through the native properties.

My task is to test drag/drop functionality between similar grid controls. I have a method for drag/drop. What I need is a way to determine the location via GetROProperty (or simliar) on the selected cell of this control even though that option is not available.


I have a bit of data to find in the grid. I iterate through the Rows until I find the data and ensure the row is selected. Determine the screen coords of the selected cell. Perform a drag/drop from said coords to a previously determined destination.

What I know:

The link above shows what is available in that particular control. Here is how I have the control defined in QTP:

SwfWindow("DataWindow").SwfObject("DataList").Obje ct

From there I can access ".SelectedRow" and other info from the object. However, there is no GetROProperty available for the SelectedRow property or any other way to find the selected row (SelectedRows(0), SelectedCell).

Thoughts? ANY help or guidance is appreciated!