We have an issue with QTP and XBAP Application.
QTP Version : 10
Add-Ins : .Net,Web and WPF

We have to evaluate whether we can automate our XBAP application(browser based application).

QTP crashes with no appropriate error when we try to spy on any of the XBAP application browser objects. When we try to record then it just records the browser as WinObject and records the mouse clicks.

The uniqueness on the XBAP application is we cannot see the HTML source of the file, normally when we right click the browser we are able to view source but with this application downloads a .dll is onto client's machine and that dll renders the display on the browser.

we have tried different combinations of AddIns but of no use. Reported this to HP and they have never faced this issue before, so they are looking into it.

Has anyone faced this issue. Please let me know if you have any solution for this kind of issue.

Please also let me know if there is a particular combination of Add-Ins required to use.

Thanks in advance,