New to QTP - so be nice. I'm trying to maintain the scripts I created using Update Run Mode. QTP ver 10.0

I created a simple test script which clicks a button on my Java app and then uses a bitmap checkpoint to observe the change that was made. I then press the button again to return back to the start and use another bitmap checkpoint to observe that it's back to normal. I can re-run this script with no issues.

I then run the script with Update Run Mode, at the first bitmap checkpoint I get a Run Error "Cannot find the "JPanel" object's parent "XYZ" (class JavaWindow). Verify that parent properties match an object currently displayed in your application." When this occurs, I press "Stop" and the run ends. But now if I try a normal run, the same Run Error message occurs on the first step. Re-loading a script doesn't fix it. Requires that I exit and re-run QTP.